What is ProtectSys?

The ProtectSys system is a much more technologically advanced version of the non-destructive leak detection system presented above.

ProtectSys is a "pre-installed" system designed for locating leaks in roofing waterproofing.

How does ProtectSys work?

The principle of the system is analogous to the one above and basically the same equipment and materials for installation are used.

The only difference, that is at the same time an innovation and advancement in the field of leak detection systems, is the use of a special ProtectSys high conductive metal mesh directly under the waterproofing layer.

Therefore, the use of the ProtectSys system is associated with making a bold decision about its application even before the commencement of insulation works.

After the waterproofing has been carried out, the same test cable is laid directly on its surface as for the system described above, which, when connected to a pulse generator, emits electrical impulses to the insulation surface.

In case of even the smallest leakage and penetration of water through the waterproofing layer, as above, the electrical circuit is closed, which is signaled accordingly.

Localized, with an accuracy of several centimeters, leakage using the ProtectSys system can be quickly and cheaply repaired.

Possibilities of using ProtectSys

ProtectSys can be installed on any roofing material on which the leak detection system described above can be installed. All you need is the Investor's decision to install ProtectSys directly under the roofing waterproofing.

The use of ProtectSys is especially recommended when the insulating layers under the waterproofing have a fairly significant thickness (e.g. a thick layer of mineral wool) and tightness (a fairly tightly laid vapor barrier layer that can prevent water penetration directly onto a grounded structure or significantly lengthen) and sometimes they must be heavily soaked with leakage water (this significantly reduces the roof's insulation properties) so that the electrical circuit can be closed to signal leakage.

Please visit the official ProtectSys website.

Information material for download

Below you will find an information folder about the ProtectSys system. Unfortunately, at the moment the information contained in the folder is only in English. The Polish version will also be available soon.
We invite you to read the content.

Information folder about the ProtectSys system