The ROOF CONSULTING company exists since 2005, however it has been operating on the construction market for almost 20 years. Thanks to the experience of our specialists, we can boast of professional consultations in the field of design solutions for waterproofing, as well as reliability in locating leaks in layers of waterproofing.

Our engineering services include:

CONSTRUCTION EXPERT (certified by the Polish Council of Engineers (Polska Izba Inżynierów Budownictwa) in construction and engineering specialty covering performance in the field of waterproofing, terraces, roof coverings and external cladding of building structures;

ENGINEERS having practical experience in the implementation of insulation works, selection of appropriate material and design solutions;

TECHNICY having professional knowledge and experience in the field of installation, measurement and interpretation of measurement results using non-destructive leak detection systems and other measurement methods.


Around 20 years of experience of our specialists in the implementation and design of insulation systems in combination with the modern technology offered is a guarantee of providing the highest quality services.
  • The highest quality consulting services in the field of construction expertise in the specialty of construction and engineering (execution in the field of waterproofing of terraces, roofing and external cladding of building structures);
  • Nearly 22 years of experience in the implementation and design of insulation systems;
  • Modern technologies for measuring the tightness of waterproofing;
  • Reports on measurements of insulation water-tightness as well as Expertise and Technical Opinions regarding the technical condition of roof coverings;
  • Comprehensive designs for flat roofs and terraces as well as other thermally insulated and water resistant partitions;
  • Thermal and structural calculations;


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