Performing thermal and humidity calculations of built partitions

Thermal and structural calculations

We develop thermal and construction calculations in accordance with applicable standards and based on the basic laws of physics.

We make calculations in accordance with the following standards:

P N-EN ISO 6946: 2008  Building components and building elements. Thermal resistance and heat transfer coefficient. Calculation method.

-  PN-EN ISO 13788: 2003  Thermal and humidity properties of building components and building elements. The internal surface temperature necessary to avoid critical surface humidity and interlayer condensation. Calculation methods.

PN-EN ISO 10456: 2009  Construction materials and products. Thermal and humidity properties. Tabulated design values ​​and procedures for determining the declared and calculated thermal values.

Construction calculations:

PN-EN 1990: 2004  Eurocode - Fundamentals of structural design.

PN-EN 1991  Eurocode 1 - Actions on the structure

- PN-EN 1993 Steel structures. Static calculations and design